Dressing folding table NSO-OI.SP


The angle of the extreme sections: down - 90 ", up - from 0 ° to 25 *

Dimensions - 1900x560x705-995 mm (adjustable height), when folded away - 1080x560x160 mm (with mattress - 220)

Permissible load on the bed - 150.0 kg

The volume of product in the package -0.15 cub. m

NSO-01.SP-01 Complete set: table, a mattress Weight in the bag - no more than 22.5 kg

NSO-01.SP.3 Complete set: table, mattress, supports hand with removable soft armrests (2 pcs.), footrest (2 pcs.), anesthetic arc clamp, mounting supports and anesthetic arc (5 pcs.), bag Weight of the bag - no more than 33.5 kg